How job application works nowadays

Human Resources department receive monthly a huge number of CV’s. They had to filter these application forms and find the best candidate, the perfect match. In this article I will present the logics behind the “engine” that filter these CV’s and how you can “optimize” your CV for those relevant keywords.

job-search-websites-05I will refer to Copenhagen (Denmark) statistic because is one relevant with a high turnover over the time.

In Denmark monthly are occupied 60.000 jobs (the number include also people who change the jobs). This number represent 3% of the entire population. As I sad the hiring departments in this country had a hard work to receive, analyse and send feedback to the candidates.
But the hard work is not a particularization for Danish folks, so nowadays the hard work is occupied by machines and their complex alghoritms.

In the past existed a common database where the company’s could pick future employees. Now the trend is to have their own database (“inhouse” development).In this way, they have full control of data and export as relevant information for them.

You are the entity who insert that data in their database, through company’s website using in general pages like JOBS & CAREERS.

After you fill all the fields from the long form your information is finally stored in the company’s database.The next major step is that someone (a human being) to retrieve and read that data (your CV), but this procedure is based on a search engine.

In the search engine that display your cv are a lot of complex algorithms and mathematics.

The most important are “tags” or keywords. When a search is proceed the machine is looking for relevant keywords located in the first section of CV. Yes, the first section of CV is the most important. The rest sections of applications are revealing to the manager or HR department based on the previous match of the first section!
Those who don’t have relevant keywords in the first part of CV’s their knowledge will not be displayed for decision makers.

My suggestion is to make a research about the employer and what are they are looking for. Include those keywords in the first section of CV, in this way you can raise up your chances for an interview.

In the end I posted a viral campaign from Heineken and the process to find the perfect candidate. The winner was announce at Juventus Stadium in Turin during a Champions League match, a competition that Heineken sponsors.

Good Luck to find the desired job ! 🙂

If you live in Copenhagen, check Career Evenings at Copenhagen Language Center.