My startup is in Venture Cup final

For almost an year I’m bootstrapping my first company in Denmark: an SaaS for research laboratories. The platform is almost ready and now we’re looking for capital injection to boost our startup.

Last summer I teamed up with a friend and since then we been working on the product side. Last week we successfully secured some funds with the help of Danish Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

Tuesday 31.05.2016 we been at a workshop where we had the opportunity to get 2 rounds of feedback for the pitch. Next week we have the final pitch within  Venture Cup competition at CBS, were we compete with other 8 startups for 25.000 dkk.

My business partner did the presentation within the workshop. He is working in a consultant agency as front end dev and, a public speaker with a perfect British accent. Unfortunately, he’s flying that day, therefore everything stays on my shoulders, me the backend-er with a broken english.

I’ll have 4 minutes pitch and 10 minutes of Q&A. I have to convince them that I and the project is reliable even with these shortcomings…

These days I will speak to myself in mirror, see ya !

18 hour rave with afterparty in woods. Humiliating a guy in a fight with a dildo watched by a police car

I been partying for 18 hours strait @Distorsion Festival in Copenhagen. 9 stages and numerous artists to choose from, everything happened away from the city on a island . At 6 clock after Jozak Sander gig the MC announced an after party. I followed the crowd, outside the festival area and we ended up in a forest with a DJ stage under a white tent, people dancing with the shades on. The event was very well organised for an afterparty I could even use my visa card. The bar was actually a fridge on wheels, beer coming straight from the producer.

The sun was up and shining, everybody with their shades on. I slowly drift into a sunday mood.

We sat down on some euro palets. Next to us a guy sat silently with gloves on. We questioned the reason for wearing such gloves at a party. He neglected us, no sign of reply. At some point I saw tardy my friend punched slowly in face by this weirdo. I stood up looked him straight in the eyes and trying to find a reason for such gesture. The guy looked at me with a bleary vision and no sign of answer. I was frustrated cuz i could’t understand his gesture. I left them discussing for a moment but I intervened asking if he wanna fight. Meanwhile I saw a dyldo on the ground, i took the sexual toy firmly holding it like a bat, confidently I took my combat posture and start playing the 1 o 1 game.. I was confident in my powers to combat the opponent.  I have started to hit him in the face with the dual cap dildo. The audience was entertained, someone even said that we’re cool… The assault ended up with an armwrestling, at my suggestion the winner has to buy beers. We went to the closest bar in vicinity to close the frustrations. I won and I received beers for me and my friend as we established in the beginning.

A brand new day, already a winner !

distorsion 2015 copenhagen pose after party police carThe sun was shining from behind and pointing towards the scene. A perfect morning 10 o clock doing my ‘binary’ techno dance, everything cool until I looked above the white tent where I saw a crane with a police car hanging with the blue strobes on flashing. I was perplexed…

At this type of events people use to take illegal supplements that keep them rolling through party and afterparty. I was clean, but it was wacky to party facing a police car. I was thinking that it could be part of an original decoration. Perhaps a crazy dude made an original marketing camping with Copenhagen Police.

Thank you Copenhagen Underground Posse for the party.

After almost one year after this amazing party the incident it’s still a enigma. Watch the full video


Slash generation

Back in the days employers were looking after people capable of doing one particular thing, experts who have reputation for knowing the best.

The educational system has decided the professional path for previous generations, people who ended up all their life working in the same field.

The traditional model of a family – a house , a job, is gone. it’s no longer available.

multitalentNowadays people don’t want to be fulfilled or labeled by just one role. We are agile adapt and overcome. We wear multiple hats: actor, director, producer. This has way much power than just an actor..

It’s good to know one step above and below your interest. For instance if you are a web designer for you it’s not enough to know just how to prototype in Sketch or Photoshop. It helps if you have minimal programming skills (one step above) and be knowledgeable of design principles such as the 6th Gestal laws and how to make a pleasant composition.

Instead of upgrading your old smartphone, get yourself upgraded add some slashes to your life !