I cannot feel the love…

At the moment I am in my hometown, in my safety surroundings. Here I should be good socially but I feel closed within. I wanna love but I don’t have someone to fall in love with.

When the night comes I feel empty on the inside, my life its not complete, it’s like my soul is selenar . Friends, mom and other appropriates are telling me that I need a girlfriend.

Those who are hardest to love need it the most.

I need a partner to share moments with. I want to feel the touch, be gentle , anticipate needs and feel the resonance of love.

For long time I suppressed my feelings. Now I’m talking cold showers. I cant express my feelings for the opposite sex and this sucks.

If you don’t love me who will? but if I’m only love me, who I am?

I feel like writing …

I been silent, but a lot had happened. Living by myself abroad. Questioning life and why I’m doing what I do. Shifting between states of mind trying to maintain the balance and not be caught in the routine.

I am 23 and already go bald. Trying to fix the issue with petrol, a grandma recipe inherited by my mom.

I am unemployed, actually I do have a 8 hours a week job, but not enough to sustain a decent life.  Meanwhile I started another company back home together with my sister and my bench collage during highschool. It’s a social enterprise for profit combating the food waste.

We are presenting Thursday at Tech Hub Bucharest where we gonna have the chance to pitch the idea in front of 4 judges and meet other 7 startups that subscribed for the demo night

I become interested in leadership and marketing. On the programming side I’m Learning Python and building my way towards big data.

I feel like this analytical job is not for me, I constantly strive to improve my linear thinking and enjoy the process.

I had this thought of writing for a while. I had so many ideas floating around and I need a place to nail them.

I will become more active as a blogger, I’m looking to develop a fluid narrative within and free the mind.

20 ms faster

I am a straight single man which likes to party. I am a club-goer all nighter, going all in till’ the party is over. I like going out to raves, partying crazy, drinking a lot of water, smoking a hash roach and lading on the fucking couch (of course just for a power nap).

Yesterday I went to see ÂME (DE). The live set putted put us into a trance state. I’ve closed my eyes, feeling myself. I’ve opened and I was surrounded by 4 girls. At that moment I became aware of me, slef-critiquing my moves trying to find a strategy to impress them… I made eye contact with the one standing in front, but I haven’t showed any signs of interests. I’ve continued my silly dance that attracted the prey but without any success, they left. I’m party in search of love and I’m lost…time is flying sun is raising.

I have a sharp hear, I observed that I react faster than the rest of crowd. I fell the music, but I lack the transposition in body motion. I like to be surrounded by people, but I need to be a leader flying the freak flag even if its silly…