Walking around Copenhagen escorted by an wagon with a big fat joint on top


Saturday on second of may, 10.000 copenhageners participated in tandem together with other 76 nations and 848 cities all around the earth at Marijuana Global March.

marijuana copenhagen

Police escorts the group. Behind it’s an wagon – forerunner of the march equipped with music and a big fat joint on top.

Right now weed industry it’s the most emerging market world wide. Alaska just became the third US state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults. More than 20 US states allow some form of medical marijuana, and last year Uruguay became the first nation to create a legal marijuana market.

How weed works in Denmark and infamous free town Christiania

In Denmark weed is tolerated, if you get caught with less then 10 grams and it’s your first attempt you risk just an advertisement.
It’s interesting to analyse the situation here in Denmark. Christiania it’a a former military area which junkies took over in 1971 and formed a community. They broke down the fence to take over parts of the unused area as a playground for their children. It’s an enclave right in the middle of Copenhagen which started numerous dispute with Danish government because it’s hash trade and criminality. The legal status of the community have led to conflicts, police raids and negotiations which are ongoing.

Together with with 2 friends we followed the march and filmed a street interview to understand better the problem in Denmark. I like to be surrounded by these unconventional and extravagant people. Let’s see how it went.


VIDEO: How I biked 1700 km in 12 days passing by 5 country’s

On 23 June 2014 I wrote about my grand initiative to go home all the way on a bike, starting from Copenhagen for summer vacation in Romania.

Elias Debs biking to Romania 1700kmThe idea of journey started with a simple crazy question thrown by one of my friends asking what plans I have for the summer, then he proposed a trip by bike to Romania. I taken the idea as a joke. Being a daily smoker my longest distance on a bike was 60 km. From the start I could’t compete with the initiator of this idea that constantly runs marathons on 3 continents so far.

Everything starts with a plan, but don’t over-think !

I created a plan to decrees my bad habits building a strategy on 3 fronts. No snooze button, 3 cigarettes/day and the power of will to run 2 times daily. I sicked with the schedule and I lobbied the healthy suggestion further to another mutual friend, Bogdan.

Several weeks later…, on first of july I started the trip of my life together with other 2 friends.

Traveling naked – without a GPS and road maps from gas stations

The short distance between 2 points it’s a strait line. That was our plan LITERALLY, the mindset was to follow a vision not a path and take decision along the way. We traveled without any smartphones and bought traditional hard copies road maps from gas stations with a large scale for accuracy.

About Rosia Montana- our destination

We chose as destination a mining village located in western central part of Romania in Apuseni Mountain. The place is well known for gold mining and in the past time for activists fighting against a Canadian company that wants to start a new pit. We documented the story which is one of the largest campaigns over a non-political cause in the last 20 years in Romania.
I’m gonna write an article dedicated to this subject soon.

You have no idea what you are capable of until you try.

The elementary mental outfit of a normal man could’t think about such approach: 10 hours with 150 km of biking/daily, in 21 century. The rational thinking soul is expert to find excuses along the way, it’s a constant fight between body and mind until you find the limit. But to know your limits you must exceed the level and go beyond the safety net.

It’s like climbing a mountain with a backpack full of stones. Sweat, tired squeezing the last bits of energy,  but when you are on top you can rest and look at the beautiful landscape.

I broke the ice, bring the glasses !