Tonight I’ll change my sleep behaviours

A Week ago was the summer solstice – the longest day of the year totalling 17 hours and 32 minutes.

My mantra is to “invent and then reinvent yourself”. I am young and agile and today I’ve  decided to take an important decision. I been playing with mid-day power naps for a while but now I want to make it a behaviour and turn it into a everyday routine adopting a polyphasic sleep.

Instead of drinking the coffee after lunch I could sit in the lounge and switch off for 20 minutes.  I told a few co-workers about my intentions and they looked pretty strange at me. For instance in Japan this is widely accepted and it’s part of who they are. Probably that’s also why Japanese people are longevive and one of the most productive people on the planet.

At the moment i’m getting 6-7 hours of sleep every night. I’m planning to switch to 5 hours and have another session after lunch around 12:30 for 15-20 minutes. I’ll talk with my manager to get an agreement. I use to take bathroom breaks but I couldn’t relax knowing that the bathroom is occupied for an unrelated activity.

Probably I have to tweak ofter areas of my lifestyle changes. Lately I started drinking coffee, I wasn’t never a big consumer drinking now then. Seeing people addictive on it I try to limit the consumption and not drink 2 days in a row.  Probably I have to give up food and consume only the necessary in intention to preserve more energy.

Probably time is the most important resource that we have and it’s running out. Stop wasting it !


Catching up…

Has been a while since I wrote here. I did journaling though writing mornings before breakfast. It’s a mind dump, writing what I feel. No structure, no agenda, just laying down the stream of thoughts. Sometimes dreams come out, having a chance to think what triggered them. Usually is an interesting conversation or a new activity that used an untapped part of the brain.

As a fact I’m doing this activity right handed in my irrational groundless ambition to become ambidextrous.

Since the last post my life has changed. I am working full time embracing the routine, structure which allowed me to build other habits.

  • Living as an expat searching for meaning.
  • changing the diet, becoming more conscious about the environment.
  • Making plans, envisioning the near future.
  • Listening to my body, working out regularly.
  • Cutting on mainstream media
  • Keep my inner voice optimistic.

This summer I want to learn how to swim in open waters. I find it hard to float, will be a hard one.

I’ll see you next time hopefully with more concrete stories.

I cannot feel the love…

At the moment I am in my hometown, in my safety surroundings. Here I should be good socially but I feel closed within. I wanna love but I don’t have someone to fall in love with.

When the night comes I feel empty on the inside, my life its not complete, it’s like my soul is selenar . Friends, mom and other appropriates are telling me that I need a girlfriend.

Those who are hardest to love need it the most.

I need a partner to share moments with. I want to feel the touch, be gentle , anticipate needs and feel the resonance of love.

For long time I suppressed my feelings. Now I’m talking cold showers. I cant express my feelings for the opposite sex and this sucks.

If you don’t love me who will? but if I’m only love me, who I am?