Tip: Signal and battery Booster

Think over next scenario: You are caught in a area where a festival is held and a massive flux of people come. You are lost in space, your smartphone doesn’t reach the tower communication because it’s overloaded by all people that are desperate of communicate. They leave the internet connection switched on all the time in the desire to be up to date with all apps.

A simple&effective trick


A good trick that I learned by myself is switching your cell phone network connection on GSM (2.5g) instead of using dual band UMTS (3g). In that way your cell phone reaches a less busy communication tower. On I-phone you just toggle of 3g connection. This tip should also help your phones battery life. Even when you would have a good 3G coverage, turning the connection to GSM only will help battery life immensely.


Larry Page (CEO) speaks about the future technology at Google I/O (2013)

At the developers conference holded in San Fransisco for 2 days (15-17 may 2013), Larry Page surprised the 6.000 attendees’s with something “kind of unconventional”, and he opened up the floor to a brief Q&A session

Larry Page at Google I/O

Larry Page (CEO Google)

The lenghtly keynote was about future technology and how negativity in the press and between rival companies is hurting innovation.

Machine learning

Google is so far ahead of every big company in “machine learning”. The raw ideea of this key innovation is the ability of a device to understand the context. Related to this, Google Maps released Geofencing  and soon will exists a new set of application. The brand new API will allow devices to set up to 100 location-based triggers for app event. In other words your smartphone can detect where you are and perform some tasks, like activate silent mode when I am into a meeting room.

Self-Driving Car

Technology should do the hard work so that people can get on with the things that make them the happiest in life. Imagine how self-driving cars will change our lives, and the landscape. More green space, fewer parking lots, greater mobility, fewer accidents, more freedom, fewer hours wasted behind the wheel of a car.

On an average Amercian probably spends almost 50 minutes commuting. Imagine if you got most of that time back…

Negativity and progress

“Despite the faster change we have in the industry, we’re still moving slow relative to the opportunities that we have” – Larry Page.

“Being negative is not how we make progress. And most important things are not zero sum. There’s a lot of opportunity out there. And we can use technology to make really new and really important things to make people’s lives better”

However, Larry explained rivality between Google and major players in the technology industry (Microsoft, Oracle, etc).

“We certainly struggle with people like Microsoft” – Larry Page

Watch the full conference, is worth watching: