Back to the roots in war zone

Following the latest global news with Russian air strikes interventions in Syria and the personal paradigm shift about death I decided to take a serious decision about my next move.

fatherless-chalkboardWhen I was in second grade my parents got divorced. My father had a failure in business and stayed in prison for 50 days, when was released became another person. He got mad and fight with my mom. I recall some of incidents, when my mother had propped up the the door with the sofa because my father had a spontaneous crisis, the next day I saw her with bruise on face.

My father is an Syrian citizen which is living in Damascus, because my mother put interdiction for visiting Romania. I haven’t seen him for 6 year, now he is 75 years old and the candle it’s burning fast…

Syria’s devastating civil war shows no sign of stopping, it’s the fifth year and more than a quarter million reported deaths so far.

The other day I was high and reflecting about the limited time I have to see my father. I decided to book a ticket without cancellation on first of November to Lebanon for another attempt to see him. Last year i’ve tried the same thing in Cyprus, but he couldn’t manage to get a visa. I made a promise that this autumn will materialize.

My mother and sister do not know about this, and I don’t want to tell them a word, it’s not the right moment ..


How I became entrepreneur without even knowing

Today entrepreneurship it’s a trendy keyword. More and more young people aspire to become self-employed. In the following article I will tell you the story of my first company started without even know what an entrepreneur means.

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

In august 2009 I visited my father in Syria and celebrated my 16th anniversary. We went to a big restaurant next to Damascus where I re-meet all my kinsfolk from father side. I was young when my parents got divorced and I remembered them mainly from pictures. Besides gifts I received a fairly nice sum of money, which naturally triggered my spending thoughts. I remember researching in shopping malls around Damascus for an I-phone 3. Then scrolling classifieds, for a cheapest version, around 400$ at that time. I decided to postpone my purchase for when I return home.

Returning home after vacation with 800$
Summer, not much to do…I’ve set up a free blog where I wrote articles and posted events mainly from my hometown. I could say that I’ve used the MVP model for testing the market, then I invested 100$ in a TLD + hosting, because I wanted to get more serious.
During high school I practiced karate. On my way to club i took pictures with all flyers about events. After a short time, I ended up partnerships with local businesses around the town.
Slowly my little website became mainstream in my city. National televisions took over some articles, having traffic hit’s up to 20.000 users/day.

Success transference

After 2 years, I was in my living room with a friend of mine from primary school, and also an redactor on website. We did a a “brainstorming session” with a bottle of whiskey (that was sneaked from a party) trying to find a name for the next project: a free A5 magazine. Yes, we expanded to print, but with a different name: OFFline. Now when I think back, it was such a stupid name. We had success for 9 months.
In final year of high school, at my mothers insistently to be more focus on my final I end up closing both projects.

Top 3 Runners that smokes

Once I had a creepy dream. I was walking home and towards me a guy with a cigarette in his mouth passed me. It was vague and inexplicable like majority of the dreams.

This incident in my dream has a real base:
I am a former smoker, when I start running I continued to smoke. A cigarette was one of my most sought things after I came back home. After a good run, sometimes I want to light up and relax and feel good about myself. I find it more pleasurable, it was like a trophy. Now I realised that I ruined my training.
I stopped gradually, running makes me feel less inclined to smoke, because the physical training generates endorphins that replaces the the hunger for cigarettes.

“Some do drugs, others go out for a run, but at the end we’re all just searching for that tiny space, perhaps a hole, that gives us shelter from the terrible reality of the world.”

It’s obviously that these activities don’t go hand in hand, but lets’s explore people which did both. Here are a few runners that smoked:

1. Jørn Lauenborg (Denmark) ran a full marathon in 2:12:21 at London in 1984. Overall He won several Danish championships – it was a total of 18 individual titles. In 1969 he was named the year’s sportsman.

Did you know?
The number of marathon runners it’s emerging world wide. In 1976 just 25.000 people completed a marathon, in 2013 there are 400.000.

2. Robert Cheriyot (Kenya) – As a young boy, his father left the family. The family fell on hard times, and young Robert was out on the street. He smoked because, cigarettes are cheaper than food and they; suppress the appetite. Running rescued him from all that. He is a former record holder and four-time winner of the Boston Marathon.

3. Jesse Owens (Oakland, Alabama) In 1935, he went to the Big Ten university championship. Here, he matched the world record of 9.4 seconds in the long jump, and broke world records in the 220-yard low hurdles and 220-yard dash. He set a world record in the 200-meter. He received the Medal of Freedom, which is the highest peacetime honor a citizen can receive.
Owens had smoked cigarettes all of his life and died of lung cancer in 1980, at age 66.
Race 2016 it’s a movie made with him showing the black man competing at 1936 olimpics in Berlin.

If you are a smoker, quitting it’s the most beneficial thing that you can do to improve your life overall quality. It’s time to run and leave those nasty cigarettes !