Breaking the habit of smoking and new personal records

Last week I worked full time to catchup the work at my part time job. Monday after work I’ve lighted up a cigarette, under the stimulant kick I’ve decided to take a break from it.

The carvings for smoking were replaced with running. This week I’ve broke 2 personal records at running 5k. Also I started the weekly training with Sparta.


Monday running with my former colleagues. 5 k in 22.06 minutes

I wasn’t smoking much before going in vacation but progressively I’ve developed a habit of smoking and I think the peer pressure and price point were the main reasons.

In an article a Brazilian did an observation that Romanians prefer to maintain the floor clean than the lungs.

For me running is a process of cleaning of body, mind and spirit. An stimulant for health, for energy and the overall wellbeing. It’s a way to become a better person, more sympathetic.


Friday Running with my new employer breaking the record once again running 5 k in 21:45 minutes

My drive for personal improvement is bigger than ever. Next week I’m starting my first full time job and I’m excited to start this new chapter.


When “aha moments” strikes

You’re daydreaming in the shower after an intense training and out of the blue a thought pops up in your head. How these “aha moments” are born?

Exercise activates the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is the executive center of our body. This is where we make a lot of decision from, crunch data, planning and execution.

While we’re involved in physical activities, the psychic works too. The brain needs to overcome pain and adapt in finding a solution. In first place he will find lots of excuses, but it doesn’t work as he wants, we’re in charge here ! The inner talk distracts pain and keeps you in the game. Sometimes during an intensive long run I flip on autopilot and drift in a trance. To enjoy this natural high first you have to ‘hit the wall’, after you pass this stage the body doesn’t feel the pain. It’s like an auto defense mechanism used to overcome pain.

In this way you push your body to find a place of confort deep inside of you and send away the Messager of Misery.

When I try to solve problems (which is also pretty much all of the time). l’ll be mulling over a problem for hours, days, or weeks, struggling to find a workable solution. Sometimes I “sleep on it” or go out for a run.

The “aha moment” strikes

No wonder why the best ideas come in the shower, it’s because the body feels relaxed and your brain releases dopamine that can boost your creative juices.

In conclusion leave your comfort zone !
The best moment for changes it’s when you don’t need to make one. In order to discover your limits you must go above them, I challenge you to push yourself above limits and discover your zone !


How I completed my first marathon

Today I feel accomplished after I finished my first long distance run. Months of training, many friends invites refused and a lot of sweat. So far I haven’t ran more than 20 km, but this time I had double up the distance and run 42km. Let’s see how I did it.

Denmark has a well known sport culture with a long tradition. This year took place the 36th marathon of Copenhagen where almost 12.000 runners attend. I aligned at the start with a humble scope: finish the race within 6 hours and not walk !

After 3 km I start having an awful pain in my legs and I had to stop for a moment. I hided beyond an advertising street panel, because I was ashamed of my premature break. After stop I was feeling awful for such a bad start and naturally I started to look after good excuses… Taking into consideration that the day before I felt a pain in my shin like a needle piercing my skin, I got real excuses… The message of misery visited me, and I thought that I will never finish this race. I didn’t had the time for this unexpected guest and I decided to run ! That was the reason why I came here !

marathon copenhagen

Me, finding a reason to keep going in the second part of the 42 km race.

After “hitting the wall”, slowly my pain was gone and I found my rhythm. I stopped at each water station took my time, drank a cup of water and electrolyte drink that fueled the machinery. I tried keep my mind busy with other tasks such exchange smiles at people, look at the landscape and enjoy the overall run. The route was filled with supporters and various hot spots and stages with DJ’s, live bands, singers and other entertainers that motivated us along the way.

I passed the finish line, victorious. I marked another life achievement that diversify my portfolio.

My athletic good genes

In finish zone I meet with other co-nationals that came in Copenhagen just for this event. I took them in Christiania where we went in a small tour which combined really well stretching, discovery and socializing.

Now I’m sitting on the armchair looking at my foot blisters and my first medal. This are the aftermaths, it’s part of the process. After the semi marathon in April I completed a full marathon in 4:09:50 h. In less than month I doubled my distance !

I think muscle fever is to mainstream for my body, I do have a pain at my back, but the legs are just fine. I will take a 1 week break, and then start again my casual maintenance running.