VIDEO: How I biked 1700 km in 12 days passing by 5 country’s

On 23 June 2014 I wrote about my grand initiative to go home all the way on a bike, starting from Copenhagen for summer vacation in Romania.

Elias Debs biking to Romania 1700kmThe idea of journey started with a simple crazy question thrown by one of my friends asking what plans I have for the summer, then he proposed a trip by bike to Romania. I taken the idea as a joke. Being a daily smoker my longest distance on a bike was 60 km. From the start I could’t compete with the initiator of this idea that constantly runs marathons on 3 continents so far.

Everything starts with a plan, but don’t over-think !

I created a plan to decrees my bad habits building a strategy on 3 fronts. No snooze button, 3 cigarettes/day and the power of will to run 2 times daily. I sicked with the schedule and I lobbied the healthy suggestion further to another mutual friend, Bogdan.

Several weeks later…, on first of july I started the trip of my life together with other 2 friends.

Traveling naked – without a GPS and road maps from gas stations

The short distance between 2 points it’s a strait line. That was our plan LITERALLY, the mindset was to follow a vision not a path and take decision along the way. We traveled without any smartphones and bought traditional hard copies road maps from gas stations with a large scale for accuracy.

About Rosia Montana- our destination

We chose as destination a mining village located in western central part of Romania in Apuseni Mountain. The place is well known for gold mining and in the past time for activists fighting against a Canadian company that wants to start a new pit. We documented the story which is one of the largest campaigns over a non-political cause in the last 20 years in Romania.
I’m gonna write an article dedicated to this subject soon.

You have no idea what you are capable of until you try.

The elementary mental outfit of a normal man could’t think about such approach: 10 hours with 150 km of biking/daily, in 21 century. The rational thinking soul is expert to find excuses along the way, it’s a constant fight between body and mind until you find the limit. But to know your limits you must exceed the level and go beyond the safety net.

It’s like climbing a mountain with a backpack full of stones. Sweat, tired squeezing the last bits of energy,  but when you are on top you can rest and look at the beautiful landscape.

I broke the ice, bring the glasses !


Uber intentions for expansion in Bucharest

Being a cheaper middle-man than traditional business smartphone apps are disrupting  heavily regulated industries such as Uber in taxi services and Arbnb in house renting. Raising $1.2 billion extra financing Uber is looking to expand operations.

Uber app lunched in 2010 in San Francisco raised $1.2 billion extra financing to expand its operations reaching valuation of $18.2 billion being available in 140 cities from 40 countries. It’s probably the fastest expansion from a venture-backed company.

The app allow car owners to offer space capacity of their vehicles to paying customers, it simply connects the riders with drivers and allowing them to summon rides.

Uber in Romania

Credit : Bogdan Cristel /Reuters

For starting operating in Romania, Uber is looking for 2 positions as General manager and operations & logistics manager.

The Romanian government already sent to parliament an update of a law that punish these hitchhiking activities with 5.000 ron (1.100 eur) that makes difficult for Uber to manage local regulatory concerns and local politics.

In USA is cheaper to use Uber than owning a car, but this business model can’t be applied with same success in other environments like Romania. Here is already cheap this service with numerous offer.

What Uber cand bring new on a saturated maket?

Bucharest’s taxi environment is uncertain, even the locals end up in their traps. Electronic taximeters with DIY installments such as maimuta or cuart which at a press of a button can artificial raise the amount client pay for a ride.

There are 2 types of taxi drivers: eligible trusted company’s (good) and individuals also know as pirates (avoid them !). 

Uber can bring a fresh mindset for Bucharest taxi drivers with tailored prices agreed before the ride and the possibility to pay without a wallet through app using credit card.

Similar services already exist in Romania, such as and

Roadtrip by bike in Europe

On first of July together with 2 friends we leave Copenhagen and trying to reach Romania by bike in a 1.500 km road-trip.

My strategy: A good equipment without so much planning

I have this thought for some time and soon will be materialize. Once I start I should keep moving and doing 150 km daily ! That’s our optimistic plan. I don’t like to over think the problem, if I start doing that, I will not start anything. I look straight forward, in that way I can maintain the balance and overcome obstacles on the field.

Go Pro: Lightweight luggage and no food

 We don’t bring any food because we want to travel as light as possible. We have sleeping bags and when the weather it’s bad we will take a room. Instead we are equipped with 2 Go Pro cameras and plenty of accessories: head mount, breast mount, mini- tripod and even a Zoom mic for picking the best sound) 

So stay tuned, we film short clips and posting them on the road.