My ideea and evolution of others thinkers

It’s nice too see when someone have the same business idea as you and begins to materialize.

Elias DEBSI have a high volume of ideas and entrepreneurship thinking. I started at 15 years old when I developed a news/events website. My audience was all the peoples that spends money on events/entertainment (14-24 years) from Piatra Neamt, Romania where I grow up.

After one year, I reached the print market with my second project: a monthly free magazine with 30 pages funded by local businesses.

In 2010 I was event manager at a Christmas Party held in a night club. More than 500 people was there entertained by 2 rappers and 2 MC.

In 2012 I wore the same hat, but this time associated with School activities at a Freshman Party, where I was component of a team. This time we had a bigger audience,  more than 700 attends at this party! Was a nice night, even if I don’t had too much time for party.

A web-shop with high quality ties

Last year, I discovered a potential market for a new idea. It’s about an eCommerce website focused on accessories for men’s ( bow ties, ties, pocket square, cufflinks , etc). If you like fashion, you already know that are some small things that make the difference.
When I say ties, I think at something luxurious, manufactured with natural fiber like silk or cashmere, not polyester.

I hate plastic clothes.

It is true that the durability of textile is increased, but over time is get shiny and unpleasant look/feel of fabric.

knitted-tie-twinkerThis segment of market for variety of reasons, is not well served by the large domestic manufactures. Just in USA, I found a website dedicated for those accessories, with affordable prices (15 $ / pieces) and good quality, but when you order them from Europe it’s double the price (VAT and custom fee). Actually I read all their long testimonial list and I can confirm that some of them comes from European customers.

I made the business plan and even starting working on website template. The project is still under development because I need more funds in order to find a quality product and offer a good customer service.

What I want to emphasize here is that I read an article that is entitled “The story of the first bowtie factory in Romania, funded with savings and compensators wages”.
It’s nice to see that someone saw the same opportunity as you and start. The factory started at the beginning of this year and they opened a physical shop in Cluj-Napoca in May, 2013.