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"Success is a long process"

Breaking the habit of smoking and new personal records

Last week I worked full time to catchup the work at my part time job. Monday after work I’ve lighted up a cigarette, under the stimulant kick I’ve decided to take a break from it.

The carvings for smoking were replaced with running. This week I’ve broke 2 personal records at running 5k. Also I started the weekly training with Sparta.


Monday running with my former colleagues. 5 k in 22.06 minutes

I wasn’t smoking much before going in vacation but progressively I’ve developed a habit of smoking and I think the peer pressure and price point were the main reasons.

In an article a Brazilian did an observation that Romanians prefer to maintain the floor clean than the lungs.

For me running is a process of cleaning of body, mind and spirit. An stimulant for health, for energy and the overall wellbeing. It’s a way to become a better person, more sympathetic.


Friday Running with my new employer breaking the record once again running 5 k in 21:45 minutes

My drive for personal improvement is bigger than ever. Next week I’m starting my first full time job and I’m excited to start this new chapter.


I cannot feel the love…

At the moment I am in my hometown, in my safety surroundings. Here I should be good socially but I feel closed within. I wanna love but I don’t have someone to fall in love with.

When the night comes I feel empty on the inside, my life its not complete, it’s like my soul is selenar . Friends, mom and other appropriates are telling me that I need a girlfriend.

Those who are hardest to love need it the most.

I need a partner to share moments with. I want to feel the touch, be gentle , anticipate needs and feel the resonance of love.

For long time I suppressed my feelings. Now I’m talking cold showers. I cant express my feelings for the opposite sex and this sucks.

If you don’t love me who will? but if I’m only love me, who I am?

I feel like writing …

I been silent, but a lot had happened. Living by myself abroad. Questioning life and why I’m doing what I do. Shifting between states of mind trying to maintain the balance and not be caught in the routine.

I am 23 and already go bald. Trying to fix the issue with petrol, a grandma recipe inherited by my mom.

I am unemployed, actually I do have a 8 hours a week job, but not enough to sustain a decent life.  Meanwhile I started another company back home together with my sister and my bench collage during highschool. It’s a social enterprise for profit combating the food waste.

We are presenting Thursday at Tech Hub Bucharest where we gonna have the chance to pitch the idea in front of 4 judges and meet other 7 startups that subscribed for the demo night

I become interested in leadership and marketing. On the programming side I’m Learning Python and building my way towards big data.

I feel like this analytical job is not for me, I constantly strive to improve my linear thinking and enjoy the process.

I had this thought of writing for a while. I had so many ideas floating around and I need a place to nail them.

I will become more active as a blogger, I’m looking to develop a fluid narrative within and free the mind.