20 ms faster

I am a straight single man which likes to party. I am a club-goer all nighter, going all in till’ the party is over. I like going out to raves, partying crazy, drinking a lot of water, smoking a hash roach and lading on the fucking couch (of course just for a power nap).

Yesterday I went to see ÂME (DE). The live set putted put us into a trance state. I’ve closed my eyes, feeling myself. I’ve opened and I was surrounded by 4 girls. At that moment I became aware of me, slef-critiquing my moves trying to find a strategy to impress them… I made eye contact with the one standing in front, but I haven’t showed any signs of interests. I’ve continued my silly dance that attracted the prey but without any success, they left. I’m party in search of love and I’m lost…time is flying sun is raising.

I have a sharp hear, I observed that I react faster than the rest of crowd. I fell the music, but I lack the transposition in body motion. I like to be surrounded by people, but I need to be a leader flying the freak flag even if its silly…


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