My startup is in Venture Cup final

For almost an year I’m bootstrapping my first company in Denmark: an SaaS for research laboratories. The platform is almost ready and now we’re looking for capital injection to boost our startup.

Last summer I teamed up with a friend and since then we been working on the product side. Last week we successfully secured some funds with the help of Danish Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

Tuesday 31.05.2016 we been at a workshop where we had the opportunity to get 2 rounds of feedback for the pitch. Next week we have the final pitch within  Venture Cup competition at CBS, were we compete with other 8 startups for 25.000 dkk.

My business partner did the presentation within the workshop. He is working in a consultant agency as front end dev and, a public speaker with a perfect British accent. Unfortunately, he’s flying that day, therefore everything stays on my shoulders, me the backend-er with a broken english.

I’ll have 4 minutes pitch and 10 minutes of Q&A. I have to convince them that I and the project is reliable even with these shortcomings…

These days I will speak to myself in mirror, see ya !


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