Back to the roots in war zone

Following the latest global news with Russian air strikes interventions in Syria and the personal paradigm shift about death I decided to take a serious decision about my next move.

fatherless-chalkboardWhen I was in second grade my parents got divorced. My father had a failure in business and stayed in prison for 50 days, when was released became another person. He got mad and fight with my mom. I recall some of incidents, when my mother had propped up the the door with the sofa because my father had a spontaneous crisis, the next day I saw her with bruise on face.

My father is an Syrian citizen which is living in Damascus, because my mother put interdiction for visiting Romania. I haven’t seen him for 6 year, now he is 75 years old and the candle it’s burning fast…

Syria’s devastating civil war shows no sign of stopping, it’s the fifth year and more than a quarter million reported deaths so far.

The other day I was high and reflecting about the limited time I have to see my father. I decided to book a ticket without cancellation on first of November to Lebanon for another attempt to see him. Last year i’ve tried the same thing in Cyprus, but he couldn’t manage to get a visa. I made a promise that this autumn will materialize.

My mother and sister do not know about this, and I don’t want to tell them a word, it’s not the right moment ..


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