More consciousness about death

Tomorrow, will be an unusual Friday evening for me. The landlord’s sister invited us to drink a glass of wine with her ill sister.

A few days ago she had a surgery, fluids were found in the outer shield of the hearth. I predicted that things don’t go well when the courier delivered a medical bed and oxygen tanks.
The family has pessimistic perspective about her wealth, and decided to invite us to socialize and watch pictures from this summer event that took place in the backyard.
I logically connected the dots and realised that the situation is not good…

Next day, the gathering

Me and other 3 tenants went upstairs. I was the first which entered in the room. Embracing my fear I made eye contact, she was standing on the couch with the legs on the table. I saw a very weak and dehydrated woman. I know her as a very active and social being which used to be a travel guide promoting the garden where she owns a wide collection of roses.
The sister opened a bottle of sparkling wine, she received the first glass and then she had a small speech speaking very rarely describing her illness and miserable condition. Doctors said that she has cancer and 1 month left being in a terminal phase. The reason for invitation was to say goodbye and reminiscing past events (all these while she was passing around glasses of wine).

Related with her condition the lymphatic system had collapsed and she has swellings all over with both legs bandaged. Basically the body is unable to eliminate toxins and is very dehydrated. Moreover she had a past intervention where she lost the ovary.

Very emotional moment, we remained silent perplexed about this situation while she was describing the amounts of drugs that she has to take from morphine to opium.
I’ve tried to bring a good energy and valuable talks at the table being also humble, the other guys brought jamón serrano that went well with the drinks.
We talked for one and a half hour, driven by alcohol and reminding about funny stories.

This moment is my first true reminder that life is finite and you could die by the second.
I will follow up on this story. Together with my roomie we started a major plan for her recovery including raw food and changing the beliefs system.


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