How I became entrepreneur without even knowing

Today entrepreneurship it’s a trendy keyword. More and more young people aspire to become self-employed. In the following article I will tell you the story of my first company started without even know what an entrepreneur means.

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Only dead fish swim with the stream

In august 2009 I visited my father in Syria and celebrated my 16th anniversary. We went to a big restaurant next to Damascus where I re-meet all my kinsfolk from father side. I was young when my parents got divorced and I remembered them mainly from pictures. Besides gifts I received a fairly nice sum of money, which naturally triggered my spending thoughts. I remember researching in shopping malls around Damascus for an I-phone 3. Then scrolling classifieds, for a cheapest version, around 400$ at that time. I decided to postpone my purchase for when I return home.

Returning home after vacation with 800$
Summer, not much to do…I’ve set up a free blog where I wrote articles and posted events mainly from my hometown. I could say that I’ve used the MVP model for testing the market, then I invested 100$ in a TLD + hosting, because I wanted to get more serious.
During high school I practiced karate. On my way to club i took pictures with all flyers about events. After a short time, I ended up partnerships with local businesses around the town.
Slowly my little website became mainstream in my city. National televisions took over some articles, having traffic hit’s up to 20.000 users/day.

Success transference

After 2 years, I was in my living room with a friend of mine from primary school, and also an redactor on website. We did a a “brainstorming session” with a bottle of whiskey (that was sneaked from a party) trying to find a name for the next project: a free A5 magazine. Yes, we expanded to print, but with a different name: OFFline. Now when I think back, it was such a stupid name. We had success for 9 months.
In final year of high school, at my mothers insistently to be more focus on my final I end up closing both projects.


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